My Name is Khan: Discussing and Deliberation

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My Name is Khan may have come and gone but the film certainly has gone on to make waves in every sense of the way. In certain ways, MNIK is a tad bit different to what we are usually acquired to when it comes to Karan Johar and even Dharma Productions. However, at the end of it all, MNIK manages to entertain and make you think. It bought together our favorite jodi, Kajol and Shah Rukh Khan, which in itself was a milestone since the actors hadn’t been seen on screen together in what seems like forever now. The DVD releases this week and so, we decided to get together and chat about the film; what worked, what didn’t, to watch or not too!

Roshni: Okay Stacey, so here we are discussing My Name is Khan. Karan Johar believes this film would take him out of his comfort zone. But did it really?
Stacey: It did in some ways I think, because he tackled many different themes within the film, and some very serious, but of course there was the classic KJo over the topness too. What do you think?
Roshni: And the glamour quotient was still evident.
Stacey: Yes, exactly.
Roshni: I think for such a film, especially because it is so serious and sensitive, he needed to shed it completely So, maybe he didn’t go too far from home.
Stacey: I would agree, it, meaning his film style did seem to fit in the first part of the movie, but later you are right he did not go too far from home.
Roshni: Yeah, That said, he did manage to take out a pretty good performance from Shah Rukh Khan.
Stacey: I really was very very impressed with Shah Ruhk Khan…one of his best I feel because in most of it you did not see SRK THE STAR – he was Rizwan and he portrayed the Asperger’s traits very, very well. You agree?
Roshni: Although, he is still SRK THE STAR and that peeked through at various parts, but for the most part, he stayed in role pretty well.
Stacey: Yeah that gleam in his eye was definitely there.
Roshni: I liked how KJo used some rural parts of the U.S it was different from the usual NY, LA and so on.
Stacey: He really did show off interesting parts of the country. I thought the cinematography was really well done.
Roshni: Yeah, I agree. And the music of course was fantastic.
Stacey: Incredible and once again I fell even more in love with the songs once seeing them in the movie.
Roshni: Yeah I agree. And it was kind of a relief to see montages.
Stacey: Yeah and they really seem to fit, it did not distract but enhanced which I was not sure it would knowing the story of the film.
Stacey: What about Kajol?
Roshni: She was just about average and it was a bit disappointing she didn’t really completely get into character.
Stacey: Yeah, I agree. I felt like she was really good in the beginning in the lighter falling in love parts but after that over done na?
Roshni: The only scene that really touched me was the one where she was hugging her son’s body and broke down.
Stacey: Yes, that was ACTING! It was so well done, you could feel her heartbreak and that is the one scene where she really could have overplayed it but she didn’t.
Roshni: Yeah and it’s sad because she really is such a powerhouse actress most of the time – I’m not sure what happened this time.
Stacey: Yes, I completely agree…me either…it is like she lost her way and the anger did come through it felt fake.
Roshni: Yeah. I enjoyed the performances of many of the supporting actors though.
Stacey: I so agree, Tanay Cheda as the young Rizwan was so true to the character and played it so well. We both really liked the Mother…
Roshni: Yes, Zarina Wahab is sheer talent.
Stacey: Yes, so natural.
Roshni:Yes and so were Jimmy Shergill and Sonia Jahan.
Stacey: Yes! They were so perfect in their roles and you did not feel they were acting.
Roshni: Yes! Same with Arjun Mathur, who I believe is so talented but isn’t used as much in films.
Stacey: He really has that something…I love to watch him on film…he is really good.
Stacey: Ooh I just remembered we gave Zarine Wahab the best supporting actress at our BollySpice Mid Year Awards.
Roshni: Yes, we did!! Totally deserved.
Stacey: Ooh and we gave SRK the Best Actor Award.
Roshni: Also deserved.
Stacey: Getting back to supporting actors though Mamma Jenny was totally out of place I thought she was a wonderful actress.
Roshni:Yes, but that whole part of the film made me go MEH!
Stacey: Yes, it so was not needed and made the film less, I feel.
Roshni: Yes, because that whole scene is mocked by people. Audiences look at it and think how funny, which I’m sure is not what KJo wanted.
Stacey: Yeah and it took it to the least common denominator and made it silly.
Roshni: Yeah, exactly!
Roshni: I loved the chemistry that STILL exists between SRK and Kajol.
Stacey: YES!!!
Roshni: Their love scenes were adorable. I liked the humor too.
Stacey: So cute and the way they lit each other up.
Roshni: Especially the part where SRK goes to Kajol, “Can we have sex now please?” It was awesome.
Stacey: I literally laughed out loud! He had a very cute smile and laugh as Rizwan.
Stacey: Ooh and the scene where Kajol says ‘Marry Me’ – that was a great scene too.
Roshni: It was incredibly romantic.
Stacey: Loved the cinematography too… it was so beautiful.
Roshni: Overall what did you think of the film?
Stacey: I really liked the beginning, I really liked what he was trying to do and I thought SRK was wonderful. I enjoyed the film. You?
Roshni: Well, it is a good start for Karan Johar to evolve as filmmaker. Of course, it was entertaining.
Stacey: Yes, I agree.
Roshni: A good watch!
Stacey: Yes! Thing you loved the most about the film?
Roshni: The SRK-Kajol jodi. You?
Stacey: SRK, the SRK-Kajol jodi and the music.
Roshni: Oh yes! Agreed!
Stacey: Do you think Karan got his message across?
Roshni: In my opinion not really. I’m still not sure what the point of MNIK is.
Stacey: I agree, it got lost. He really tried to put too much in and it took away from the great message I feel he was trying to get across…but I admire him for trying.
Roshni: Yes, like I said A for effort.
Stacey: Exactly. There were also some exciting special features included in the DVD. I really enjoyed watching some of the extras.
Roshni: Yeah! I thought it was interesting to see how the co-stars and Karan Johar spoke about their much talked about chemistry as well as their camaraderie. I enjoyed watching the music making thoroughly and primarily because the music of MNIK is phenomenal. I would say that this is Karan Johar’s most soulful album with regards to his films in the past. It’s always fun watching the extras because it gives you a slight peek into the making, the fun, the drama and the pains that a cast and crew must go through to make an entire film.
Stacey: Being the film geek that I am, I love watching extras on DVDs too and these were great! I too enjoyed watching the feature about the making of the music! I really agreed with what they said that the music was so rich in language, and it was so soulful and spiritual. The soundtrack really was that extra excellent layer for the film. It was so interesting to see them in the studio creating the music. I also thought the Working Together feature was great. I loved seeing what SRK and Kajol had to say about each other – one of my favorite extras on a DVD. Overall 2 big thumbs up to the MNIK DVD special features!

We both enjoyed taking a look at this film again and hope you enjoyed reading our thoughts! In the end we both think Name is Khan is worth a watch, especially for Shah Rukh Khan’s performance! Be sure and get your copy of the DVD when it hits stores on August 10th!

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