My Name is Khan DVD Release

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My Name is Khan home video release function organized by Reliance BIG Home Video and Crossword, on 21st Apr at Crossword Juhu, turned out to be a interactive and lively session.

The press turnout was well represented across TV, Press, websites and magazines.

Karan Johar spoke at length about My Name Is Khan; the movie, his experience and the special place it holds in his film making career. The special edition DVD pack, launched by Reliance BIG Home Video, found an enthusiastic ambassador in Karan Johar, who urged everyone to buy the original DVD to experience the “Unseen Footage”.

Karan Johar, also speaking on Shahrukh’s behalf thanked the media for staying by their side through the trying times of the film release, especially with the controversy surrounding it. Commenting on the film as a departure from his usual style of film making, Karan said that he had done “more than his share of the Bhangra songs, with chandeliers hanging from the roof”. My Name Is Khan, was also a personal challenge for him and he is extremely delighted with the global success of the film.

On being asked about why people should pick up the DVD, Karan was emphatic that the quality and experience of the film in an original DVD is incomparable. Also, the deleted scenes, his commentary would make up for great viewing and on a lighter vein added that the “hurricane scenes will be draining enough” for the viewer.

Karan also kick-started a unique “peace wall” initiative by being the first one to write a message for global peace. “Violence is not an option, Peace is the only solution, Love is the path ahead” signified his belief in the film itself.

Earlier about the DVD KJO said,”I’m really thrilled that the Home Video of MNIK is being released because this film is very, very special to me. Initially, a few people close to me were nervous when I set out to make the film but today I can happily say that amongst all my films, it is not only the biggest hit worldwide but it has also got more critical acclaim than any of my previous films. I’m really pleased that the DVD gives all those who loved the film a chance to see the many years of effort that went behind making it. And also I have added a very special section on the deleted sequences in the film, including an alternative edit for the hurricane sequence and alternate song edits for the ‘Tere Naina’ & ‘Sajda’. That should be a real treat for fans of the film.”

Sweta Agnihotri, Chief Operating Officer, Reliance BIG Home Video, who also shared the dais, said that their company was very happy and proud about this association. She also mentioned that Reliance BIG Home Video had ensured that with superior quality, exclusive and special features, the My Name is Khan DVD resulted in a true collector’s copy.

Karan also obliged many fans with photographs and autographs.

The press was given a film DVD and press release each. There was photo opp and the articles on the same, have already started appearing in press and on websites.

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