My Name is Khan Trailer coming with Avatar!

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The Hollywood movie Avatar is ready for a release on the 18th of December, and it seems the Indian film audience is going to get a big surprise.

We hear that the first trailer of My Name is Khan will be released along with James Cameron’s Avatar. Both films are being released by Fox Studios. Shah Rukh Khan and Karan Johar said at an earlier press conference that they were aiming for an international release so starting with the trailer would be fantastic start.

A focus group has already seen a four minute trailer of My Name is Khan and this is what a member of that group wrote on twitter: “I was part of the focus group and today I saw a 4 minute promo of My Name is Khan. I was really really really surprised, very pleasantly, at the simplicity of the story. It seems to be a beautiful and intimate film ala Lynch’s The Straight Story. Shahrukh Khan was heartbreakingly good. I am looking forward to this one now.”

Get ready for the trailer and then to see the story unfold when My Name is Khan releases worldwide on February 12th! We know we will be there!

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