Namitha Worries About Mind Pollution

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Sexy southern siren Namitha, whose Jagan Mohini opened to very acceptable houses over Deepavali, due to the presence of her legions of loyal fans, is determined not to be seen in public wearing a sari. “I don’t like to wear saris. If I wear a sari, lakhs of my male fans’ minds will be polluted due to my extraordinary sexy look,” she explains, “In fact I’m saving lakhs of my male fans from abusive and vulgar thinking by not wearing saris,” she adds charitably.

Namitha’s presence was everywhere during Deepavali as her image featured on the box of one of the most popular firecrackers purchased for the festival – the Namitha Rocket. A sixteen-headed device, it zooms into the sky at the incredibly reasonable price of Rs 800 exploding into a cacophony of light accompanied by a melodious tune. “I’m permitting cracker makers to use my pictures since they are risking their lives to bring happiness to everyone during Diwali,” the great actress explains graciously.

Namitha recently dismissed rumours that she might be bringing her voluptuous charms to Bollywood. “I would prefer to remain a queen here rather than do small roles there,” she says dismissing the smaller industry up north. She currently has two Telugu and a Kannada movie lined up for the next few months and has recently been shooting in Germany.

At the moment, she is working hard on the music videos for Simha, the big budget movie in which she stars with Balakrishna and Sneha ‘Lucky’ Ullal. “We are choreographing songs on Balakrishna and Namitha at three specially erected huge sets in Ramoji Film City,” says the producer, “We are planning three more huge special sets by the end of October to can one more song with Balakrishna and Sneha Ullal.” The film is due to be released at Sankranti on Jan 14th.

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