Nanhe Jaisalmer’s little genius

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Nanhe Jaisalmer, which releases September 14th stars Bobby Deol along with child artist Dwij Yadav. While shooting, everyone was astonished to learn that Yadav knew everyone’s lines as well as the entire script.

Director Samir Karnik said, “We were enacting this very interesting scene between Bobby and Dwij. This was Bobby’s introduction scene in the film where he comes as Bobby Deol in front of this guy. It was an over shoulder shot (close up) were Dwij was not in the frame and he was giving cues to Bobby for the in-between dialogue. However Bobby just forgot his lines but little Dwij instantly said all the dialogues to Bobby. Bobby seemed amazed, shocked and surprised when he even said all his lines. That was when he burst out laughing admitting that this boy is amazing. When I asked Dwij, he told me the entire script. He seemed to remember not only Bobby’s but also Sharat Saxena, Vivek Shaque and Vatsal Sheth’s dialogue (who plays a special appearance in the film). Isn’t that amazing?”

Seems they had a little genius on the set and we look forward to see how delivers his own lines when the movie comes to the Cineplex.

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