Natasha Sikka Files Police Complaint

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Mumbai-based actress Natasha Sikka has filed a police complaint with the new Mumbai cyber crime unit. It relates to a former acquaintance who she claims is bullying her through text messaging. “The model was briefly engaged about two years ago to a Delhite,” explains a friend, “When she called off the engagement on grounds of cruelty and harassment, her incensed former boyfriend started sending out false and defamatory emails to her professional contacts like photographers and web portals.

The accused person also put up a vulgar and indecent blog about the model claiming falsely that she is being investigated for fraud. His emails threaten legal action for copy right infringement claiming to be sent from a law firm head quartered in England, under the false email identity of Yogendra Pratap Singh.”

Natasha rose to fame as the ambassador for the first Ms Bikini India contest, engaging in a national tour to promote the event. “If a Salman or SRK can go shirtless, why can’t a girl wear a bikini for a contest,” she asks, commenting on the contest to be an ambassador, “There were so many entrants and it was a neck-to-neck finale. Some of the best bods in the country signed up for the contest and I think I must have been very lucky to be chosen for the tour.”

The 26-year-old Mumbai actress also caught the public’s attention when she praised the Government’s decision to legalise female bartenders, lauding it as a step forward for women’s emancipation.

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