Neelakshi Singh Chased by Five Helicopters

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In a scene that would make Alfred Hitchcock proud, American actress Neelakshi Singh will be chased by five helicopters in her new movie provisionally-titled Runaway Love. The film is also likely to be dubbed into English. “Five helicopters, 15 cars and an equal number of motorbikes will be used for a particular chase scene in the movie,” said a source, “There will be a lot of computer generated special effects and other devil-may-dare stunts.”

Also an acclaimed jewellery designer, Neelakshi recently launched her new collection called Art in Stone, a fusion of precious stones and minerals blending influences from the 35+ countries that Neelakshi has visited in recent years. Born in Kolkata, Neelakshi has now returned to her homeland to build her career in the seven arts.

Neelakshi is already building an impressive portfolio for herself with an additional two Kollywood and a Bollywood movie lined up for the rest of this year.

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