Neetu Chandra Throws Vegetables at Her Fans

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Committed vegetarian Neetu Chandra is backing up her views by launching The Green Card as part of the Go Vegetarian campaign. The card offers a discount on vegetarian meals at the Influence restaurant and spa chain. “Over time, the trend is shifting towards cleaner and healthier diets that are not just beneficial to the body but also mitigate the ill effects of the fast lifestyle that people are used to in today’s world,” says Dr Varsha Jain of the Influence organisation.

The Bollywood actress has recently decided to find a second home in Chennai on the southern peninsula in the hope of attracting more offers from the south. Her first home is in Lokhandwala where Aishwarya Rai also started her movie career, drawing comparisons between the two. “I am shuttling between Chennai and Mumbai at the moment and I am in this city every second day,” she explains, “After the release of Theeradha Vilaiyattu Pillai with Vishal in February, I believe I will have more reasons to come to Chennai so I would like to buy a house here. I am looking for a nice cosy home.”

Neetu has a number of movies lined up including Rann with Amitabh Bachchan, Apartment, No Problem, Sadiyaan, Love Jaisa Kuch and Khusar Prasad Ke Bhoot, so 2010 looks like being a busy year for the Patna princess.

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