Neetu Chandra’s Audacious New Avatar

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In the new edition of Maxim, Neetu Chandra strikes up an audacious new avatar. In a neat extension to the concept of posing for a magazine shoot, she has adopted a character and is acting out that character’s image in a full-length feature in the magazine. She readily admits it’s a sensuous new image for her. “Of course, people have found me quite sensuous and hot,” she agrees, “The credit for that should also go to the magazine which is quite creative in itself and photographer R. Burman who was excellent behind the camera.”

Neetu has also been in the news recently voicing complaints about Telugu star Rajashekar and director Jeevitha. Neetu is acting in the film Sathyameva Jayathe starring Rajashekar and directed by Jeevitha. She claims that she was bullied on set, being forced to perform even when she was unwell. Neetu, who is a taekwondo black belt, claims she was even manhandled on the set. “I couldn’t go on any longer, and that’s when Rajashekar came along with two other men stormed into my room and threatened and manhandled me,” she claims.

Now a permanent fixture in Bollywood, Neetu has been associated with films such as Garam Masala, Traffic Signal and the recently successful Oye Lucky, Lucky Oye. But who is the real Neetu? “I’m still figuring out who I really am,” she admits, “It is still quite a mystery, even to me. I guess it’s because I still experiment a lot, trying to figure myself out in the roles that I play and in life.”

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