Neetu Zaps into the Future

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One of the most interesting films of 2007 which broke into western markets was Traffic Signal, a film that contrived to be entertaining with a social conscience. One of the stand-out actors in that movie was none other than Neetu Chandra.

What an interesting background this Bihari actress has. A black-belt in taekwondo, she has represented India in two different sports – taekwondo and korfball, picking up a Best Student Award for Sports & Academics along the way.

Now, she has had a computer game developed around her image – Neetu the Alien Killer. This is a game set in the year 3000 when the world has been destroyed by the greenhouse effect and Atlantic City has been captured by aliens. Neetu is employed by the resistance to pick them off – one by one. Might make a good movie one day!

But it’s her movie career that Neetu is concentrating on for the moment. She has a number of new releases in 2008 including One, Two Three in which she plays Inspector Mayawati alongside Esha Deol and Mumbai Cutting with Soha Ali Khan. Rumour has it she may also be starring in a Tamil film, Ravi Teja. It looks like Neetu is attacking her new career with the same determination as in her taekwondo days!

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