Neil Goes Sci-Fi

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Science fiction films seem to be the new frontier in Bollywood, and Freeze, Neil Nitin Mukesh’s new film is of that genre. The filmmakers have not revealed much about the unique concept of the film except that Neil’s character has a pretty special camera. However Neil did give away a bit about the camera’s supernatural powers, “We’ve had movies about people who could see the future. But here the whole concept of the ‘camera can’t lie’ has been used in such an unexpected way.”

He went on to say, “To me the most interesting part of the film was the fact that though it’s a film about supernatural powers and how they can destroy or build your life, there aren’t that many overt FX in the film. We’ve used the supernatural element in a very thrilling way.”

His co-star in the film is Bipasha Basu and she also has a unique character who helps save him from….no, not going spoil it for you. Neil joked without giving away too much: “In fact, at one point in the story Bipasha has to push me off from the ninth floor. Wonder why she keeps doing that? Didn’t she also push Saif in Race?”

Freeze was filmed in Bangkok and for the scene where Bips pushes Neil, he had to jump off the ninth floor of a high-rise. He did the stunt without a harness! Neil decided it was best not to tell his parents and when they heard about it they banned him from doing stunts. “I never told my parents about it. If I had, my father would’ve caught the first flight to Bangkok. He freaked out when he heard about it. Now I’m not allowed to do any action scenes, dangerous or otherwise.”

Next up is a film co-starring Katrina Kaif. It is being directed by Kabir Khan for the Yash Raj banner, and Neil says fortunately there are no stunts involved.

He feels very lucky to be working with two of the beauties of Bollywood. “Such lovely ladies and I’m still single. Maybe the camera in Freeze will tell me when love will happen to me.”

We will give you all the news on Freeze and Neil’s upcoming projects so stay tuned for more!

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