Neil Nitin Goes Nude

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Gone are the days where only the actresses dared to bare. In the past, many movies in Hindi cinema have gone ahead to create controversies for their portrayal of nudity and sex. However, nowadays many of the actors are joining the exposing bandwagon. The men of the industry work at their hot bods and are not afraid to bare it all if required.

In the recent past, Ranbir Kapoor and his towel dropping exposure in Saawariya shocked Indian audiences. Later on, John Abraham made the women go weak in their knees when he paraded around in a pair of tight yellow trunks in Dostana. And now, Neil Nitin Mukesh has decided to hop on board and become a part of Bare-It-All group.

The new groupie has “dropped his pants” for his upcoming stint in Madhur Bandarkar’s next feature Jail. “Madhur wanted to make the film as real as possible. He is known for his attention to detail and he makes sure that everything is perfect before he starts shooting,” a source reported to a leading publication. The director supposedly told Neil that the shot would be done completely “aesthetically” and even shot from a top angle to keep Neil completely comfortable.

Neil confirmed the news and went on to state, “My character in the film goes to the prison and what happens to him is extremely humiliating. I think this sequence is one of the most beautifully shot sequences in the film and it will shock people.” The sequence is said to be crucial to the movie and additionally, the director has kept “Indian audience parameters in mind.”

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