Neil Nitin Mukesh Celebrates his Success

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After the adulation and success New York has received, Neil Nitin Mukesh has realized he has every reason to celebrate without being deemed a “spoilt brat.” The actor has gone ahead and bought himself a brand new “high-end Audi Q7 in a lava grey color.” The car is known to be an S-line sports model. However, it will be some time before the actor gets to drive his car into his garage. “The front of our building is under renovation and there’s hardly any space to park the new car. I’d rather be impatient and fret about it than deal with the trauma of the Audi getting scratched and bearing marks,” Neil explains. Until then, it will sit pretty in the car showroom.

A nostalgic Neil remembers his first car, “I still remember the first car, a Maruti Zen, that my dad gifted me. Now it’s my turn to fulfill his dream. I could’ve afforded an Audi earlier, but it is only now that I truly deserve it.” It has been his father Nitin Mukesh’s dream to own a “luxury car” and clearly his son has helped his dream come true. And until his car is able to come home, the actor makes it a point to head on over to the showroom daily and check on his new love.

In the meantime, his film with Abbas Mustan, which had been “shelved due to recession”, has come out of the woodworks and his film with Ken Ghosh will be his first love story. “I’m doing the kind of film that debutants dream of at the beginning of their career.”

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