Neil Nitin Mukesh Sings

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For his new film Freeze, directed by Jehangir Surti, Neil Nitin Mukesh is not only going to act he is also going to sing the title song of the movie. Though unusual, this is not surprising since Neil comes from a musical family. Both his father, Neil Mukesh and his grandfather, Mukesh were well-known singers and Neil has inherited that gift as well.

Neil said, “I wouldn’t call myself an extremely accomplished singer. But yes, I am much more than a bathroom singer. I carry my notes well. But having grown up on my grandfather’s songs and watched my dad struggling to get out of the ‘Mukesh’ shadow, I was scared to try my hand at singing as a fulltime career.”

Adding, “As a child did accompany my dad on his world tours and even sang on stage. But I never sang my grandpa’s songs as I preferred Kishore Kumar.”

Not only can he carry a tune he can also accompany himself on the piano, “I also know how to play the piano. I think that gives my singing an edge.”

The track will be composed by Pritam and he is excited to be writing a song for Neil, “Neil will be singing the film’s theme song. It’ll be somewhat like the James Bond theme because that’s the mood of Freeze. I’ve always been a Mukesh bhakt. I couldn’t compose for him. But it’s such an honour to compose for his grandson. I’ll listen carefully to the texture of Neil’s voice and then compose accordingly. But since he’s the grandson of Mukesh and the son of Nitin Mukesh I’m sure he sings well. Also, being a good actor, Neil will have no problem in expressing the emotions in the lyrics. I’m quite kicked to have an actor singing for me. Unlike other actors-turned-singers, Neil won’t be just a glamourous factor in the soundtrack. He knows what he’s doing.”

Neil added, “I didn’t intend to sing professionally. But it seems God and the film industry have other plans for me.”

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