Neil Shy of his Nude Scene

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Very recently, we reported that Neil Nitin Mukesh bared the buff in his upcoming movie Jail. While the actor had some apprehensions of the naked scene, director Madhur Bandakar ensured he was extremely comfortable while shooting and only allowed four people from the set present.

This however, meant that his co-star in the film Mughda Godse was “jailed” for almost three hours in her van until the shot was canned. It was all courtesy of Mukesh of course who demanded privacy while shooting and thus, this meant that Godse was confined to her van. “Initially a little hesitant, Mugdha cooperated later on and didn’t mind being locked for three hours,” claim insiders. This did mean that Godse got some time out to catch up on the IPL Cricket and was more than happy later on.

Jail is Madhur Bandarkar’s next feature film after Fashion and depicts the lives of prisoners. Extremely pleased with Mugdha Godse’s performance and professionality, Bandarkar went ahead to sign her as the main lead in his upcoming flick opposite Neil Nitin Mukesh. Director Bandarkar, wanted to shoot the film in a real jail but because of the complications had to settle for a jail set instead.

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