Nepotism Continues In The Arts

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Its seems like the nephews are latest favourite relatives to be launched in the film front. After Aamir Khan’s nephew Imran Khan swept the audience away last year with Jaane Tu and Kidnap, it is Rekha’s turn who’s all-work-and-no-talk as she grooms her nephew Naveed Ozman to be launched in Vikram Bhatt’s production. The film is set to be directed by film critic and acclaimed maker Khalid Mohammad who previously directed Fiza, Tehzeeb and Silsilay.

Naveed has been born and bred in the US so a large portion of his grooming focuses on ridding his American accent to suit his character in the film. In addition, aunty Rekha is all about tough-love as she refuses to accommodate her nephew in her luxurious bungalow but rather insists he stays in a one room studio apartment to get the feel of what a struggle stardom really is.

When the makers were questioned about the film they remained typical and didn’t divulge too much. However, they did reveal that the film, along with starring unfamiliar new faces like Naveed, will also accommodate familiar faces. Which familiar faces is another question all together but stay tuned to BollySpice and we’ll surely keep you updated!

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