New Agent Vinod Trailer!

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Everyone was blown away with the cool slick first look into Agent Vinod and fans were clamoring for more of the cool action flick! Director Sriram Raghavan describes the film as, “An action-packed spy thriller set in today’s times.” Adding to that producer Dinesh Vijan has said, “It is a fun movie with a very Indian hero. The film has been shot keeping Indian sensibilities in mind. It is a realistic film but larger than life.”

The film stars the debonaire and tough Saif Ali Khan as Agent Vinod along with Kareena Kapoor. About casting and working with his real life love, Said said, “Agent Vinod is a special film for me and I really wanted Bebo to be a part of it. But that’s not only because she knows how much it means to me, but also because I know that the role would justify her being in the film. As for Kareena, she anyway is so good an actor that she easily becomes the character she is playing.”

About his character the actor says he had both light and dark to him, “I think the character is key to this film. There’s a real character there. It’s not just like a posey cool dude. There’s a definite quirky kind of personality. He’s quite a quirky character. He’s not what you’d expect. He’s kind of odd. He’s a little unconventional in the sense that he is irreverent and a little mean, and he has a slightly cruel sense of humour as well. He’s evil and he’s a good guy.”

Shot in over nine countries, the film sees Saif take on 12 different identities all for one mission! What that is… well you have to wait to see the exciting action when the film roars into theaters in March!

Check out this brand new look into the film!

Excited? We know we can’t wait until Agent Vinod hits theaters on March 23rd!

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