Nikita Anand working alongside Zeenat Aman

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In the much anticipated Monopoly, Nikita Anand knowingly plays a role similar to Eva Green in Casino Royale. “I play a banker who unknowingly gets caught in a tangle through no fault of her own,” she says.

Monopoly will sustain your interest with two former Miss India’s instead of just one – as well as the lovely Nikita, the movie also features veteran Zeenat Aman. The two got on really well together. “While shooting in Kuala Lumpur, we often went shopping together and eating out,” explained Nikita, “We bought a lot of handbags and tried out different cuisines. Zeenat, like me, is particular about her diet. Perhaps we got along because we are both former Miss Indias.”

Punjabi-born Nikita is very much a fitness freak and likes to work out between her scenes. She was surprised to find herself on the Bollywood trail. “I never thought of Bollywood as a career option. If truth be told, I consider the link between modeling and Bollywood quite bizarre. Thankfully, I met many people who gave this notion of mine a different perspective, and so I entered Bollywood,” she says.

As well as Monopoly, Nikita will also soon be seen in Ek Second Jo Zindagi Badal De opposite Manisha Koirala. For Nikita, who is working hard at studying acting technique, Manisha was a real find. “You just have to observe the way she acts to learn the nuances. Her pauses and dialogue delivery are just so perfect,” she explains.

Nikita is a social activist and is ambassador for the Dhyan Foundation who promote yogic and spiritual healing. They are also heavily involved in social activities such as running a leper colony and working with children affected by polio. Nikita gets a little embarrassed when asked about her social work. “I am not the only one from the tinsel world to be associated with social activities. A lot of celebrities are involved in charity work or associated with a social cause, but do not talk about it,” she demurs.

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