Nikita follows Shilpa’s footsteps

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After Shilpa Shetty’s ‘yogic’ success, upcoming actress Nikita Anand seems to be head over heels for the magic of ‘nature’s remedies’ like Yoga and spiritual healing. The former Miss India who made a mark with last year’s sleeper hit Dil Dosti Etc. has been practicing the ‘back to nature’ philosophy following her association with the Dhyan Foundation, under the guidance of Yogi Ashwini.

“Its all about the ‘science’ of spiritual healing; an ideal path towards achieving a peaceful and stable existence,” says Nikita. “The basic purpose of the spiritual healing process is to give a perspective on how one should lead his or her life, especially the way one goes about doing things in day-to-day life,” she adds.

After undergoing such ‘pranic healing’, Nikita has experienced a lot of change in her. “It feels good. But the biggest impact of my association with the Foundation is that it has given me an opportunity to reach out to the people who make us what we are,”‘ she says.

Nikita’s association with Dhyan Foundation and Yogi Ashwini began a few years ago when she came in contact with them in connection with various social causes she was involved with. “A lot of social work is being done by the foundation — from adopting a leper colony, organising camps for Polio and meals for the poor,” informs Nikita, who is now the ambassador of the foundation.

Asked how she managed to find time for her activities with the Dhyan Foundation amid her busy shooting schedules with two of her films Monopoly and Ek Second — Jo Zindagi Badal De currently on floors, she says, “If one is committed to a cause, it is not difficult to find time. In any case, I am not the only one from the tinsel world to be associated with social activities. A lot of celebrities are involved in charity work or associated with a social cause, but do not talk about it.”

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