No Men For Anushka

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With a line of successes including Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi and more recently Band Baaja Baaraat, Anushka Sharma has not only become a household name, but has become every man’s fantasy, even appearing in mens magazine MAXIM. With this new found attention, you would assume that the 23 year old would be enjoying every moment, but Anushka has other things on her mind. The Yash Raj darling talks to Sreya Basu in Mumbai about clothes, sex appeal and relationships.

Anushka has stayed relatively clear of controversy around Btown, but has constantly had to field questions about possible linkups with co stars such as Shahid Kapoor and Ranveer Singh. When quizzed by Basu on her status, she repeated she was single and not currently looking for someone. She said “I am not interested in finding one for myself. I would want the guy to come and find me.” During her appearance on Simi Selects, Anushka provided no shock in denying a relationship with Ranveer Singh but provided some fresh bait for the media by revealing she had dated for sometime, and that the relationship had recently ended. That individual is reported to be Zoheb Yusuf, a 20 something model from Anushka’s native Bangalore. Anushka even stated that she would be interested in an arranged marriage, as she believes her judgment is not good enough. Something that clearly shocked a few in the industry, but it seems that life imitates art for Anushka as business comes before relationships.

The actress, who sizzles on the Maxim cover in sensuous red lipstick, was asked by Basu her definition of what it is to be sexy. She said, “I think being sexy is a state of mind. Especially for a woman, it’s the way you feel; how confident you feel in your skin. Once that confidence is established within you, it’s done. What men feel sexy about you might be because you are confident and have a strong personality. Being sexy is not about skin, figure and all that…according to me at least. May be I am wrong, men would know better.”

When quizzed further on the rumor that she refused to don a bikini for her latest film, she said “I don’t think clothes are such a huge part of films; it’s not modeling where clothes define the whole presentation…I don’t like to believe that clothes decide the fate of my films. I take my job very seriously, that is, acting. For me, anything that helps me build my character, be it make up, hair, styling, I would take that step and make sure that I am portraying my character convincingly.”

In her new Nivea advert, Anushka is paired with a young business man, which led Basu to wonder what qualities she looks for in a man. She told, “I would like my man to be very self-assured, very confident and he should be able to handle the success of his partner, that means, me. He should be very supporting and I will be supporting to him as well. It’s a give-and-take relationship” but then waisted no time in repeating she was not searching for Mr Right.

While we can currently see Anushka in adverts and across over magazine covers, she is currently finishing filming for her next film Ladies Vs Ricky Balh alongside Ranveer. Lets hope that while she puts all her efforts into her work, this Shruti Kakkar can find her Bittoo Sharma along the way.

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