No one wants to have Koffee with Karan

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Karan Johar gets the truth and gossip out of the celebrities. His unusual pairings allow actors, who might not work together regularly to interact and play off each other.

After 7 years of air time, Koffee with Karan may have reached the maximum number of possible pairings. The show, Karan states, will play reruns until the next season. His explanation: he has multiple other projects that he is working on.

Other sources have speculated that he has run out of ideas for the show and his visits to New York have made it difficult to film in time.

Karan denies these implications and gets defensive with the speculators themselves: “I’m done with Koffee and my other extra-curricular activities for now. In case people have forgotten, I’m a filmmaker.” Now we can’t forget.

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