No Pause for Piggy Chops?

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Even though Priyanka Chopra has been busily breaking Guinness records this year, the Kaminey cutie is having a hard time taking a break-from work. In a recent interview with Khaleej Times Online, Priyanka admitted, “Actually, I had been planning on taking a break. Technically speaking, this is supposed to be my one month off.”

Obviously, her month off… well, it isn’t, considering the massive amounts of publicity she’s undertaking on behalf of her next release, Ashutosh Gowariker’s What’s Your Raashee? Still, Priyanka didn’t seem to mind. “I love what I do. And I just love films; be they of any kind. I cannot imagine myself doing anything else. That’s literally what keeps me going day after day.”

That love must be a powerful motivator, since playing twelve characters in What’s Your Raashee? involved no physical props other than costuming and hairstyle. Each character required an entirely different demeanor, thus demanding a great deal of the actress portraying the women. “The fact that we couldn’t make any drastic changes to my face and body for each role is what made the whole thing more challenging… I’ve had my last three films (Fashion, Dostana and Kaminey) go on to become consecutive hits. And the critical appreciation that I’ve got for all three of them feels really good. I hope What’s Your Rashee? is able to do that for me one more time. I’ve put in a lot of effort into the movie and I’m hoping people will come out saying good things after they watch it.”

And after they watch it? Will she finally take that well-earned vacation? Well, Priyanka still has to dub for Pyaar Impossible, her next release co-starring Uday Chopra. At the time of the interview she confessed, “A while ago I was really unwell. I think it was exhaustion and shooting constantly that got to me. I’m much better now, although I was really overworked then. I might take some time off soon.”

In fact, anybody who follows the actress on Twitter (@priyankachopra) knows that she left for a five-day mini-break on 6 September-although she returned early to Mumbai for a press conference on Monday. There, she promoted Bulgari’s “Rewrite The Future” campaign for Save the Children. A great cause, but here’s hoping she takes a real break soon!

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