No Regrets for Ranbir

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Ranbir Kapoor is still so much into his character from the movie Rocket Singh – Salesman of the Year to the extent that he is often heard saying ‘No Regrets’. Surprisingly, he is still that even after Rocket Singh failed to do well at Box Office despite the wonderful message it carried. But failures are not going to deter him and the last time we heard, he said that he will make a movie like Rocket Singh every year if he could.

However, exceptions are always there. So out of the many things that Ranbir doesn’t regret, there is one thing that always comes back to haunt him. He regrets that he didn’t travel around the country before fame got the better out of him. He said, “When I was starting out, Aamir Khan had advised me to just pack my bag and travel around India before I became an actor. But unfortunately I didn’t do that and now I understand the value of doing so.”

In order to get over the blues, Ranbir was seeing enjoying every bit of it his Bhopal visit where he stayed for around a month shooting for his upcoming Raajneeti. The boy was so fascinated with the simplicity of a small town life that it has left a strong impact on him. May be that’s the reason for his escapades where he has been spotted cycling around the town late at night to avoid being caught by media flashes and an ever increasing fan following.

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