No Shorkuts in Casting!

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It seems like nothing goes planned in the world of cinema where time is of the essence. The latest revelation supporting this motto is in relation to Anil Kapoor Films Company’s upcoming venture Shorkut — The Con is On.

The legendary actor who has gained a new range of fans post the success of his international venture Slumdog Millionare has delivered to the audiences some of the most critically acclaimed films in recent times such as Black and White and My Father Gandhi however next up his plans change to focus on a comical venture.

Speaking to Mid-Day about the various changes to the cast of Shorkut the actor turned producers said Akshay Khanna was one cast member never to have been contemplated upon. Since the days of My Father Gandhi it was decided that sooner or later he’d return to work for Anil’s banner. As casting began, Akshaye was casted in the role that has now been played by Arshad Warsi and Akshaye’s role was written for none other than Anil Kapoor himself.

Why did he leave his very own production house you ask? Well the answer is Subhash Ghai. The veteran film maker and Anil Kapoor share a great rapport having worked on several projects in the past including the iconic films like ‘Ram Lakhan’ and ‘Taal and when approached by Ghai after many years since Taal the actor simply leaped at the chance to work with the maker again. However as fate had it dates clashed with Shorkut and with the project all set to roll Anil didn’t like the possibility of delaying it hence opted out himself. Anil Kapoor went onto say that Akshaye’s versatility was the reason behind the success of the re-cast because he moulded into the new role in no time despite it being much different to his other role.

But wait the merry-go-around of casting problems didn’t stop there. After Arshad was successfully cast in Akshaye’s initial role, Paresh Rawal was approached for another one however the actor was too much interested in the role already given to Arshad and hence couldn’t be a part of the project!

Well it’ll sure take you a while to wrap your head around all those casting issues but as it turned out it all worked out for the best! The cast is looking raring to take you by a storm in what’s touted as the rib tickler of the season which is hitting screen near you this Friday!

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