No Sibling Rivalry says Aishwarya

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Sigh.. When it comes to nasty rumours, no-one is safe. But the latest one to do the rounds is about our beloved Superstar him, Rajnikanth. In an age where everyone wants to cash in on success, the corridors of filmdom are whispering that none other Rajni’s eldest daughter, Aishwarya Dhanush and her actor husband, National Award winner Dhanush Kasturiraja cashing in Rajni’s name and fame. Something that hasn’t gone down too well for the family.

“It’s amazing how people can be so confident and write such false news on the front page. Even journalism has ethics and everyone should follow them. We are all accessible and they could have picked up the phone and asked us. I think they just want to use Rajinikanth’s brand name in whichever way they want to grab attention – I don’t think that’s right; that’s not ethical journalism.” says Aishwarya who marks her debut into Tamil cinema as director with a film called Moondru (3) while speaking to Times of India. But it doesn’t stop with claims of cashing on the name. Rumour mongers have also claimed sibling rivalry between her and her younger sister, Soundarya Ashwin on who gets the most out of it all and claim bigger. Something that Aishwarya flatly denies and even retorts by saying how as she refers to Soundarya’s animation oriented direction and her feature film endeavour. “Even Suriya (Sivakumar) and (younger brother) Karthi are part of the same industry – how come no one talks about rivalry between them?”

Good question.

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