No Smoking song picturizations stand out

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No Smoking boasts an all star cast and it seems from the promos that it definitely is a different type of movie. Not exactly what you think when you read the synopsis of the story.

From what we have seen so far the song picturizations really stand out, as well of course, as how handsome (well hot) John Abraham is looking. Two songs in particular are making everyone sit up and take notice.

One of the item songs is to a tune called ‘Jab Bhi Cigarette Jalti Hi Main Jalta Hoon’ and is set in a smoky night club. But there is a unusual twist to who the song is picturized on. The song, sung by the great Adnan Sami, is actually lip-synched, not by John as you would expect, but by Jessy Randhawa. Yes you read that right a male voice coming out of a beautiful female. Definitely a different way to go that really makes the number stand out.

The second song is one that many have been waiting to see. It is John Abraham and the gorgeous Bipasha Basu in a sexy number to ‘Phook de’. Producer Kumar Mangat said, “‘Phook de’ is going to be a bomb of an item number! Vishal and I decided to rope Bipasha in for the song because ‘Beedi jalai le’ (Omkara) was a huge hit. Since the chemistry between John and Bipasha is smoking hot, ‘Phook de’ will become an instant hit!”

The song was written by genius Vishal Bhardwaj and is sung by his wife Rekha. Bhardwaj said, “‘Phook de’ is a sensuous song with lyrics by Gulzar, and I wanted to give it a dark, smoky underground feel. When I met Bipasha en route to the IIFA Awards earlier this year, she said she had earned so much from Beedi so how could she repay me? I told her to do ‘Phook de’ and that was it. She agreed then and there. For the song, we required a husky, sensuous voice and Rekha fit the bill perfectly.”

For this steamy item number, Ganesh Acharya was the choreographer and said, “The concept shows John going into a nightclub where smoking is not allowed. Yet, he continues puffing on his cigarette leading to Bipasha’s item song. It’s not a jhatka-matka type number, but a fusion number.”

Shooting for the song cost a huge amount, incredibly Rs 90 lakhs. “We used foreign dancers and special lighting techniques to give the song a smoky, nightclub effect. Even though Bipasha hurt her ankle while shooting, we finished it in four days. Hats off to her for being so professional,” said Mangat.

This film certainly is intriguing and we look forward to seeing it on October 26th!

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