No Title Change for Tees Maar Khan

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Reports circulating in the media alleging that actor Akshay Kumar is unhappy with the working title of one of his films, are “fabricated”, according to Tees Maar Khan producer Shirish Kunder.

Stories have been circulating claiming that Akshay is concerned that the title Tees Maar Khan indicates a connection with one of the top Khan actors – a sore point for the Khiladi considering one of the numerous other controversies plaguing the film is director Farah Khan’s perceived snub of her Om Shanti Om leading man, Shahrukh Khan.

Shirish Kunder denies the numerous reports that Akki has requested the title be changed, suggesting instead that the whole controversy is a media invention designed to fill space on slow news days.

“Perhaps pages were required to be filled in and news around our film made for a spicy story. I guess someone just fabricated an entire article about Akshay being unhappy with the title,” Kunder said, adding, “Do you know that most of the compliments that we have received so far on the film have been around the title? There is no point changing it since it truly reflects the spirit of the film. If it had to change, it would have happened by now.”

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