Non-smoker Vivek Oberoi caught smoking?

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The ambassador for World Health Organisation’s anti-smoking movement, Vivek Oberoi, has allegedly been busted for smoking hookahs. 23 people, including Vivek, were rounded up at a midnight raid at a restaurant in Vile Pile on Thursday for supposedly smoking hookahs, which is banned in public. All 15 hookahs containing tobacco were seized.

Vivek obviously pleaded not guilty as he is a non-smoker, and claimed he was meeting his two friends. When he asked the ACP to let him go, the officer refused and warned him not to interfere. Vivek’s name was written down along with everyone else’s and he is said to have been contacted for questioning. Everyone was only allowed to leave once phone numbers and addresses had been given to the police. The case has been registered under section 4 R W (21) of Tobacco Act says DCP B.G. Shekhar.

Although the head strategy manager of the hotel, Rajesh Mohan compiled that “such activities in Sahara Star are not resorted to” the restaurant’s manager, Jagdish Patoshi was booked under sections 394, R W (471) of the BMC Act.

His father Suresh Oberoi has come forth and denied all allegations against his son smoking tobacco. He went on to say that Vivek had in fact received a letter from the Hotel conveying their apologies.

Vivek reacting to the reports stated, “I was having a dinner at a five-star hotel, I have the bill and at least 25 witnesses to prove that there was neither any kind of smoking nor alcohol on my table. Unfortunately, actors have become soft targets for such sensational nonsense. This rubbish should stop. It is very hurtful and unfair. I can’t believe that some sections of the media can be so irresponsible. It is extremely disturbing…after 11 years of consistent hard work and commitment as an anti-tobacco ambassador, being awarded and recognised by the United Nations for my efforts, inspiring hundreds of young volunteers to join the anti-tobacco cause, they have damaged my reputation with such lies.”

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