Not only Ranbir but Ajay, Vivek and Nana in Rajniti

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We reported earlier that for the story for his next film, Rajniti, Prakash Jha was going to base it around Rajiv Gandhi’s life. There have also been reports that Jha was going to do a modern day Mahabharat. Well, it seems that Jha is going to use elements of the Mahabharat, parts of Rajiv’s life and modern day politics and combine them all into one.

For this highly eclectic film the cast list is a who’s who of Bollywood stars. Jha revealed, “There’s Ajay Devgan who will play a modern-day Karan. And believe it or not, Nana Patekar, who was fantastic as the corrupt politician in Apharan, has been cast as Krishna. Ajay and Nana are old friends. We share a fantastic comfort level.”

The director also has talented Vivek Oberoi and Manoj Bajpal as part of the incredible line up and about them he said, “These are actors I’ve not worked with before. I’m looking forward to directing them.”

For the pivotal role of Rajiv aka Arjun, Jha wanted Ranbir Kapoor and would have no other, in fact he said if Ranbir had not agreed he would have dropped the project. Fortunately, Ranbir has said given his nod and the film can go to the floor.

With such an illustrious cast and an intriguing story this film is one to keep an eye on! We will be sure to report all the up to date news on Rajniti, including who else joins the cast, so keep watching this space for more!!

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