Now it is Akshay Kumar as a Superhero

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It had been reported that Shah Rukh Khan was developing a film with a superhero as the lead character and that he would be playing that role. Now it turns out that it will not be SRK, but Akshay Kumar that will be the superhero. SRK had to back out of the film directed by Shirish Kunder. The title of this exciting project is Joker and it is a dream come true for Kunder.

According to Kunder, “Joker is a superhero AXN film. The film deals with global warming and its consequences but in a very entertaining manner, not in a preachy way. Right from the conception, Joker has been planned as a trilogy. Joker 2 and 3 will follow.”

The film will be full of special effects, in fact so much so that the pre-production has already begun, but the film will not go to the floor until 2009. Kunder explained, “It is a very ambitious venture being made on a mammoth scale. Because of the scale and nature of the film, and all the intricate work involved, we are dedicating a decent amount of time for pre-production. The film is high on visual-fx and stylized AXN sequences. We intend to set some technical benchmarks with this film. We are working on a quite an innovative style of visual treatment for the film. Somewhat like Spider-Man meets 300.”

About casting Akki as the lead Kunder said, “Akshay Kumar has been finalized to play the title role of the Superhero Joker. The character needs an actor who is not only brilliant in action, but also adept in comedy. Akshay suits the role to perfection. Also, I share an extremely good working equation with Akshay and am very comfortable with him.”

With triplets on the way with wife Farah Khan and developing his dream project, Kunder is certainly a very happy man. We wish him the best of luck!

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