Numbers & Relationships

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Eesha Koppikhar is all set to get married to hotelier Timmy Narang on 29th of Nov 2009 after a rocking 2 year relationship, but how many people are aware of the fact that their relationship had begun after numerologist Niraj Mancchanda had changed Ishaa’s name to what is now now numerologically spelled as Eesha? “It was in Nov 2007 that Eesha had consulted me. She was looking forward for a relationship and marriage with the right man. After changing her name spelling from Ishaa Koppikar to Eesha Koppikhar to numerologically vibe with her date of birth, her name number changed to number 55=5+5=10=1+0=1 as she is number 1. It got in sync with her date of birth. In a couple of months she met Timmy who is number 5. 1 and 5 vibe like house on fire and 5 is also Eesha’s destiny number. Rest is history,” ends Niraj. We wish Eesha a very happy and everlasting marriage.

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