Numerologist Niraj Mancchanda predicts how the year for cricketers will be in 2011

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This week will see the release of Nikhil Advani’s Patiala House on Friday, 11th of February. In the film, Akshay Kumar’s character gets the chance to fulfill a dream by playing cricket for the national team in England. The film has several key cricket scenes and features cricketers from the England, Australia, South Africa, India and Pakistan teams including three former England Captains – David Gower, Nasser Hussain and John Emburey. As a special feature for all our readers who are both Bolly and cricket obsessed, noted Numerologist and Metaphysics practitioner Niraj Mancchanda predicts how the year for cricketers will be in 2011.

Sachin Tendulkar – April 24, 1973
(Retained by Mumbai Indians)
A number 6 and name coming to number 50 (that is the number of geniuses, even the name Sanjay Leela Bhansali comes to number 50 and he is number 6 and is a genius of a director) has made him one of the biggest names in history of cricket. Presently his chakras are aligned and in sync but his aura is not in sync. As 4 (2011=2+1+1=4) vibes with 6, this year will be good for him, but he may not be the best player of the series as his aura is not in sync.
Best Color: White or Blue
Lucky number for Jersey: 24 or 42

Sourav Ganguly – July 8, 1972
A number 8 and this year is 4… since 4 and 8 are in sync, this year he will get new chances to prove himself. But there are loads of negative energies in him and he needs to get rid of them. His chakras are unaligned and aura scattered and greyish in color. Grey color makes him manifests his fears regarding his future. He is tensed presently. Two things are must for him removal of negative energies which will change his chakras and aura and using his name spelling as Sourrab Gannguly which comes to number 50 a number of geniuses will take him to a new level.
Best Color: Blue
Lucky Number for Jersey: 33 or 50

Mahendra Singh Dhoni – July 7, 1981
(Retained by Chennai Super Kings)
A number 7 and a number 4 vibe like house on fire, so we are going to see another good year from him. His chakras are aligned and aura in sync, but his aura has a sea green color, due to which he is not happy with his present practice. He shall perform well but not the man of the series.
Best Color: Green
Lucky Number for Jersey: 25 or 37

Yuvraj Singh – December 12, 1981
A number 3 whose name also requires change in spelling and 4 is an average year for him . Thus he should use his name as Yuvr’r’aj Singh =36. Presently his navel chakra has accumulated negative energy and thus he has fear of the future. His aura is scattered and thus he will not be able to give a great performance.
Best Colors: Red or Yellow
Lucky number for Jersey: 21 or 27

Yusuf Pathan – November 17, 1982
Even though 8 and 4 vibe, because Yusuf Pathan’s basic chakra has become anti clockwise and due to which he has lost his grounding with earthy energies, he will under perform. The black color in his aura will make him make mistakes. Thus not a good year for him till his aura and chakras get back in sync.
Best Color: Blue
Lucky Number for Jersey: 15 or 24

Adam Gilchrist – November 14, 1971
A number 5 and 4 are okay for each other, thus a very average year for him. His aura not in sync and 4 major chakras anti clockwise. The basic which makes him lose his position, heart due to which he is holding a lot, ajna which makes him take wrong decisions and solar, which keeps him mentally angry with himself. Thus nothing great to expect from him. He needs to add an extra “r” and use his name as Adam Gilchr’r’ist =37 and that will take him to new heights.
Best Color: Green
Lucky Number for Jersey: 14 or 23 or 37

Shane Warne – September 13, 1969
Being a number 4 and this year 4 will make him have a great year. All his chakras and aura are in sync. His aura are 4 colors, presently White, Blue, Deep green and Red. All these colors are giving him great confidence and positive approach for a great performance.
Best Color: Orange
Lucky Number for Jersey: 19 or 37

Brett Lee – November 8, 1976
His name requires correction and he should spell as Brett Lee which comes to outstanding number 23 (3 Idiots was number 23). This year 4 vibes with him as he is number 8, but because he is presently not grounded his basic chakra will not make him get a great performance. Furthermore because his aura is broken, he will make lots of mistakes. Thus not a good time for him.
Best Colors: Blue or Green
Lucky Number for Jersey: 23/32

Kevin Pietersen – June 27, 1980
4 and 9 get along very well and his chakras being aligned and presently as he is having a healthy aura, he will give a great performance. He should add an extra ‘s’ in surname and spell his name as Kevin Pieters’s’en = 60, a number of great success.
Best Color: Red
Lucky Number for Jersey: 27

Chris Gayle – September 21, 1979
As 3 and 4 are not great with each other so not much is expected from him this year. His name comes to number 27 and is sync with him but because his ajna chakra has become anti clockwise, thus he has lost his focus. Further deep red aura color has made him manifest fear of losing his position. Not a good year.
Best Colors: Yellow or Gold
Lucky Number for Jersey: 21 or 27

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