Numerologist Niraj Mancchanda predicts on Freida Pinto

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Freida Pinto’s date of birth (October 18, 1984) adds up to 5 which is the destiny number and a number that plays a vital role in governing important changes in one’s life. She signed Slumdog Millionaire in the 23rd year of her life, again a number 5. She is numerologically a number 9 and now in the 24th year of her life, she is going great guns. 2+4 adds up to 6, and 6 and 9 are in the same sequence. Luck will favour her till 2012, with 2010 and 2011 being outstanding years for Freida. Also, Freida’s name adds up to 46 which is the same as that of Charlie Chaplin. It represents immortality and also vibrates with her date of birth.

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