Om Shanti Om

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Farah Khan’s sophomore effort has much riding on it and based on the mind-blowing success of both the movie and soundtrack of Main Hoon Na, the expectations out of her forthcoming Om Shanti Om are massive! Let’s take a look at what Om Shanti Om already has going for it based on face-value: the ever so popular Shah Rukh Khan – the reigning King of Bollywood, the hyped debutante and supermodel Deepika Padukone’s jodi with the baadshah, and the great track record of Vishal-Shekhar’s music. Farah Khan most certainly has many expectations to live up to with her up and coming!

The Om Shanti Om soundtrack is now out and after giving it a few spins I’ve come to conclude that it does not disappoint. However, it certainly does not impress either.

Here’s a quick rundown on the pros and cons of each song; what I see going into overplay and what falls in the forgettable category!

Let’s start with the already popular song, Ajab Si: It’s nice and pleasant, easy on the ears. The songs is penned by Javed Akhtar and has an enjoyable lyrical quality about it. The state of being completely hypnotized or mesmerized by a lover is described through a nice, easy rendition by K.K.

is reminiscent of old-school songs, but mixed with an Arabic flavor. It has a sort of addictive quality, owed to the infectious beats especially in the beginning. The lyrics, however, are a tad odd and the English bits do seem out of place in such a number, but it isn’t bad after a few spins. It’s the type of song that grows on you, and fast! It’s certainly one of the few out of the album that you would give another spin to. Dard-E-Disco (Remix) is equally contagious as the original.

Deewangi Deewangi is a nice peppy, upbeat number. It has catchy music with equally snappy lyrics. It most likely could be the next hit after Ajab Si. The Deewangi (Rainbow Mix), is just as inviting!

Main Agar Kahoon
is an absolute delight to hear, beautifully rendered by Sonu Nigam and Shreya Ghoshal. The lyrics are absolutely beautiful! I can imagine this one picturized in a dreamy, romantic setting – the distinct wistful vibes instantly transforming you to a different place. Very few songs have such a quality, the ability to kick up the listener’s imagination and take them to a different mental and emotional state. A 10/10 to this one!

Jag Soona Soona Lage
: featuring the soulful voices of Rahat Fateh Ali Khan and Richa Sharma, is largely a boring piece. The music does not grab you, and there really is nothing about this song that could envelope your senses or even make you feel the lyrics despite the deep performance. You are likely to give it a full listen the first time around but then might hit the skip button midway the next time.

Dhoom Taana sounds like the perfect song out of a bad 90s film! What were they thinking?! I believe they are trying to truly fit in the with the old time movies theme, since most of the songs have that old-school quality. I would have liked it better had it been a classier ode to the old era. Hmmn … maybe the movie is about bad old movies? We can’t say yet! But this number is definitely the disposable kind. It has no redeeming quality, ranging from the lyrics to the music to the singing. NOTHING!

Dastaan-e-Om Shanti Om
is also another, suggestive of an old-school feel good movie where the hero is dejected at one point. With the orchestra in the back hitting crescendo, you know he’s going to bounce back! You just know it! The lyrics of Dastaan are of an unhappy person but who has the strong-will to fight back and overcome the odds, adequately delivered by Shaan. Dastan (The Dark Side Mix), is more uptempo than the original, and this only makes it better!

The Om Shanti Om (Medley Mix) is a mix of Dard-e-Disco and Deewangi, catchy and fast paced, this one goes on repeat in the playing order!

Om Shanti Om (Theme Music
) is sheer enchantment, a lovely symphonic piece that should’ve been longer!

On the whole, the album is one with few lows and many more highs. In spite of the many highs, only a few of the 12 tracks really stand out. I can’t even say how long they would stick in my head. The album is a nice attempt by Vishal and Shekhar but it has no repeat value, at least not in the long-term. The music, predominantly, is of the disposable kind that would lose its unique touch after the movie’s fever dies down. I understand the aim was to create a bygone era’s feel, but many songs felt simply out of place even when observed from that perspective, let alone 2007!

All in all, Om Shanti Om has a slightly above average soundtrack with some numbers of stellar quality and some nothing to write home about.

Our Rating

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