ON HOLD for PIC: Sonam Scores Chanel for the Red Carpet

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The Miss Masakali of Bollywood is over the moon for various reasons these days. Firstly, it has to be due to the reviews that are coming her way for Delhi 6, and recently the reason why Sonam couldn’t stop smiling was because of the exclusive treatment she got from the internationally renowned designer Chanel.

Sonam Kapoor is perhaps the only celebrity from the Hindi film fraternity who received a specially designed gown from Chanel. Upon glancing at the string of stunning shoots Sonam has done for magazines in the recent time, Chanel voluntarily sent over three gown for Sonam to choose from for the Filmfare Awards.

Proudly boasting to Mid-Day Sonam confirmed the news saying that her gown hails from the Special Celebrity Closet of Chanel’s. For those who arrived late on the scene, Sonam adorned a beautiful white gown on the evening of the Filmfare award. She commented about the gown saying she loves pale colors and prefers to not accessories much as it draws away from beauty of the clothes.

Well girls there is a tip for you straight from the diva herself! Keep that in mind next time you’re dressing up for an event!

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