Onir gets apology from Yuvraaj

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When actor Yuvraaj Parashar, known from the film Dunno Y… Na Jaane Kyun, recently accused director Onir (Sorry Bhai, My Brother Nikhil) of molesting him in his house, Onir was determined to fight for the truth and for his dignity and filed a case against Yuvraaj for alleging false rumours.

In this fight, his family and friends stood by him and even started a petition against the irresponsible journalism of the newspaper, which made a front page story out of Yuvraaj’s allegations. The petition, strongly objecting to “the slanderous, maligning, sensational, insensitive nature of the article”, was signed by nearly 800 people, and both on Facebook and on Twitter there was immense support from the public as well as industry insiders for Onir and their trust in him.

Now, Yuvraaj has rowed back, withdrawn his accusations and apologized to Onir. “YUVRAJ issues unconditional written apology to me for the damage and hurt caused to me and my family and withdraws charges”, wrote Onir on his Facebook page. Yuvraaj himself gave the letter to Onir’s lawyer, and it was sent to Onir who is clearly relieved. “Yes, it’s true that Yuvraaj has issued a written unconditional apology to me for having caused damage to my reputation and for having inflicted so much hurt on me and my family. He has also withdrawn all allegations that he made against me”, confirmed Onir and added, “I’ve withdrawn my case against Yuvraaj as I don’t want to be involved in legal hassles. I was planning a case only for my dignity. I have nothing against anyone.”

Onir is grateful for all the support he received. “My parents said, we know you can’t hurt anyone, so fight it. And I did. I’m glad I achieved closure in this case as I couldn’t have lived with the tag that was so unfairly given to me, even when I did no wrong.” Now he can focus completely on the promotion of his next film I Am which he plans to release in April.

The apology comes as a great sign of triumph and much respite to the director. “Now I want to close this and move on. All my energy to something positive. All my energy to OUR film I AM” Onir tweeted yesterday.

BollySpice wishes the director all the luck for his upcoming film.

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