Only Imran for Sanjay Ghadvi

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It seems that it’s not just the young ladies going ga-ga over the latest Khan entrant in Bollywood. Sanjay Ghadvi who has given us films like Dhoom and Dhoom 2 was so keen to work with Imran Khan again after Kidnap, obviously unwavered by its failure, that he immediately approached him with another script.

Sadly for Sanjay, Imran didn’t okay the script. But the director didn’t lose hope and returned in no time with another one and luckily this one had more than just the green signal from Imran. Turns out that Imran was simply bowled over by the script which promises to be a romantic thriller in a typical Ghadvi style!

The film is all set to be produced by Studio 18 which incidentally is the production house that encompasses Imran’s girlfriend Avantika as an executive. Pre-production has begun and Sanjay is on the hunt for his desired locations in Europe!

Undaunted by the failure of Kidnap it looks like he and Sanjay are giving it another shot and your favourite hero will be back. Only time will tell if they are lucky in pleasing the audiences and critics second time around!

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