OST of Ravaan gains one more song

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One of the best soundtracks of this year so far has music by the maestro and lyrics by a poet, not only that, this OST is for a film that stars two of the biggest stars and is directed by one of the best. I am, of course, talking about Ravaan, which stars Abhishek and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, is directed by Mani Ratnam, has music by A R Rahman and lyrics by Gulzar. Well, now it seems that even the best can be improved upon and Ravaan has gained another song.

Gulzar has added lyrics to a piece of music that he says was “too beautiful to go wordless”. The lyricist told Subhash K Jha,“Both Mani and I felt the music that Rahman had composed for the end titles was too beautiful to go wordless. We decided to give words to Rahman’s creation.”

This all came about after Gulzar saw the film at a special screening, “After editing Raavan, Mani wanted me to watch the film. No filmmaker invites even the technical crew for a preview, let alone the lyricist. I flew down to Chennai to watch the film. I’d never do something like this for anyone else. This is how strongly I feel about this man’s humility and greatness.”

About the esteemed director Gulzar has said, “It is wonderful working with this magician called Mani Ratnam. I have always enjoyed working with him and I hope to continue working with him.”

They have a mutual admiration society because Mani Ratnam was so impressed by the beautiful words that Gulzar wrote for the album that he sent him a letter, “In my entire career I’ve never received such a heartwarming endorsement of my work. I received a note from Mani Ratnam congratulating me and saying he’s very proud of the music. And this one gesture has enhanced my respect for him even more,” Gulzar said.

Looks like fans have even more to look forward to, if the cast, the director and the OST were not enough, when Ravaan opens in theaters on June 18th!

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