Our Favorite Bolly Shaadi Scenes!

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April 29th, was a day that a once-in-a-lifetime event took place in London and though it was a national day of celebration in the UK, it was seen very much on an international stage. Yes, we’re talking none other than the fairy tale wedding of Prince William to the now Duchess of Cambridge, Catherine Middleton. Since Bollywood is our passion, we thought we would mark the extravagance and the pyaar of the occasion by choosing some of our personal favourite Wedding scenes and songs.

Humko Deewana Kar Gaye
There are so many wedding scenes in Bollywood movies, but the scene that I always think of when the word wedding is mentioned is a scene from the movie Humko Deewana Kar Gaye. Perhaps not the most romantic or happy scene but for some reason it has always stuck with me. Back in the day when the actress was not as well known as she is today and before she dubbed her own lines this is one of my favourite Katrina Kaif movies.

Katrina Kaif looks absolutely stunning in her bridal attire, she is alone in a room with Anil Kapoor’s character, Karan Oberoi, and wants to know why he wants to marry her. He says its for her “beautiful eyes”, her “lips” and her “loveliness” but he does not say anything else. At that moment you know and Jia realises that Karan does not love Jia for who she is, but more because she looks good on his arm, while Aditya (Akshay Kumar) loves her for her. The song ‘Mere Saath Chalte Chalte’ follows and you know that Bipasha Basu’s (Sonia) character realises that Aditya who is her fianc

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