Outrageous Sherlyn’s faith reinstated!

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‘Outrageous’ girl Sherlyn Chopra who had fired her first publicist Dale Bhagwagar last year saying, “He behaved like God and tried to control everything in my life” has hired him back.

It can be recalled that Dale (who also managed the hype and hoopla witnessed by his other ex-client Shilpa Shetty in the last two years) had initially helped create the ‘bindaas babe’ image that Brand Sherlyn carries today. It was during his tenure as her publicist that the media reported Sherlyn going to a music release in a burkha in protest, next day getting arrested in Alibaug for participating in a bikini photo shoot on the beach without Police permission, and then distributing gifts to underprivileged children dressed up as a sexy female Santa Claus the very next day. “Split personality” is how the publicist envisioned this outrageous girl, and that is exactly how he branded her.

“Apart from manipulating the media, Dale constantly told me what I should do and avoid; which paper I should speak to and which paper I shouldn’t. I even heeded to an extent, but then he began behaving as if he was all powerful; as if he ruled me. But he’s just a PR. Not a God,” a fiery Sherlyn had quipped then.

After removing Dale for exercising “too much control”, Sherlyn tried out three more publicists, and even sent one of them,Flynn Remedios, to jail for harrowing her late in the night.

Now with her faith reinstated in her “God”, Sherlyn’s likely to catch national headlines all over again. Meanwhile, Ms Chopra’s albums Outrageous and Dard-e-Sherlyn have already been successes and her two music videos have raised enough eyebrows of the Censor Board. She’s even signed on a feature film with the Yash Raj banner. Let’s see where the future takes her. But one thing is rest assured… you can expect more fireworks from the firebrand.

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