Painter Husain books entire theater to watch Aaja Nachle

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Painter extraordinaire Husain, who once called Madhuri DIxit his muse, is so excited about the release of her new film that he has booked an entire theater for a special showing of Aaja Nachle.

Husain said, “Yes, I have booked the entire Lamcy Cinema in Dubai for a preview of Aaja Nachle. The brain wave came to me three days ago. I know the audience has the final word on any film but I’m doing my part to generate as much publicity as I can for this movie.”

He has not seen the film yet, “But I’ve seen the rushes and it’s amazing how stunning she looks even after two kids. In fact, I often joke that she must’ve adopted the boys!”

Husain has visited Madhuri and her family in Denver and he recalls, “Only Arin had been born then. And Madhuri is such a fantastic mother — she is totally involved with the kids and has made the transition from superstar to supermom effortlessly. Even now, she looks great and her body language and nuances are exquisite — which I’m sure the movie will show, but the actual joy is to see Madhuri with her family.”

For the preview, Husain will show 6 of his painting of his muse at the theater and signed serigraphs of this artwork be given to the guests. “From Ek, Do, Teen to Dhak Dhak and Didi Tera Dewar , they will all be there,” said the artist.

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