Pak Film ‘Waar’ to be taken to Global Cinema

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13nov_Waar-2013After the tremendous success of Pakistani film Waar in Pak, the film is reportedly going to be released globally by ARY Films. The film has reached almost 2 million dollars at the box office till date.

Mohammed Jarjees Seja, CEO of ARY Digital Network, told the Times of India that the film has been applauded and loved by the audience and has made a different mark in the history of Pak cinema. “It is time to show the film to the world,” he stated.

Filmmakers all around the world have expressed their interest in the film, including Ram Gopal Verma, who suggested the film to Pritish Nandy and other filmmakers over Twitter. ARY films say this shows that the film will be received well by the other film markets too.

President and founder of ARY Digital Networks, Salman Iqbal, told Dawn that he believes Waar has started a new era of films in Pakistan. “Films like these will be continued to be made and will be globally appreciated,” he added.

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