Parineeti Chopra is single

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She has just started her career, yet still the dating rumors have already begun. Parineeti Chopra was previously rumored to be dating Uday Chopra, whereas now it is director Maneesh Sharma. However, Parineeti makes it very clear, saying “They are very important people in my life but these rumors are absolutely rubbish!” Actresses simply cannot simply have lunch or hang out with famous people simply as friends anymore.

Uday and Parineeti have been friends for a very long time, even before she was seen in films. She explains that then “nobody linked us up! In fact, I used to tell him to look for a boy for me”. On the other hand there’s Maneesh, who Parineeti simply cannot thank enough for his role in her winning 16 awards for her debut film Ladies vs. Ricky Bahl.

Due to the rumours, Parineeti now has to think twice about when she goes out and whom she goes out with. “It’s sad that once you become an actress and are spotted with someone, you are immediately linked with that person”.

Anyway, Parineeti probably does not even have the time for romance as she’s already busy filming her 3rd film directed by Maneesh Sharma. Although she hasn’t said much about her character, she enlightens us that her character is different from her previous films where she first played an irresponsible Punjabi and then a strong headed Muslim girl.

Parineeti may even sing playback in the film, as she hopes for Priyanka Chopra and her to sing together soon, just like they used to at school. Nonetheless, even though Parineeti is a trained classical singer, she still looks up to Priyanka saying that “She is six years older so I should be taking tips from her!”

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