‘Partner’ gets sued by producers of ‘Hitch’

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The producers of ‘Hitch’, Will Smith’s production house Overbrook Entertainment along with Sony Pictures Entertainment, has accused Eros and K Sera Sera the Indian producers of ‘Partner’ of remaking a direct lift version of Will Smith’s starrer ‘Hitch’, considering a possibility of 30 million dollar suit.

The upspring of this suit arises most contentiously from Sony Pictures Entertainment as they are all set to debut in Bollywood and is planning to remake some of its Hollywood flicks in Bollywood and want to make there presence felt by dragging ‘Partner’ in copyright violation for remaking ‘Hitch’.

But a ‘Remake’ is defined as an exact copy from scene to scene from the old version, but in this case it is not. Instead, I believe it is a ‘Re-Mix’ or ‘Remix’, such that it is recombined with the original ideas to produce a modified and new dose of laughter.

You heard me right, it’s just like a remix video inspired from the original video songs. Like any other remix music video, which features new dimensions to the original video with different music addition to it like hip-hop, rap in between, and adding more scenario and masala beats, Partner is a Remix.

Similarly, Partner is Re-Mixed with loads of laughter, funny one liners, a child and his going to-be second father relation, with keeping laughter in mind. With hummable songs, mind juggling beats, amazing comic counter-part characters side by side – such as homosexual act of Suresh Menon and Govinda or spoof on Aamir Khan or Chota Don by Rajpal Yadav, this movie had a theme of its own. All of these qualities were highly-applauded and were a major highlight behind the success of this film. Partner had fresh funny masala scenes from beginning to the end of the movie, which gave you a best starter to watch a movie and a smile to carry out of the theatre with a feel good of laughter, with many other hilarious scenes!!

Now the question is, did the scenes that resemble the original? Yes, there were scenes which were based on the ideas of the original movie ‘Hitch’, but the scenes were framed with keeping the humor in mind and adding the Indian mentality and language to it. This shows that it only had the resemblance of the original and there wasn’t any point of ‘plagiarism’, as they never stressed on claiming it to be their own ideas.

Of course, they remixed a popular movie (in this case it’s ‘Hitch’) but they attracted completely new audience drawing them with glamour and humor and turned in to a hilarious Hit.

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