Payal Rohatgi Life as a Journalist

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Payal Rohatgi is immersing herself in her role as a journalist for her new movie. “I am studying the work profile and body language of journalists,” she says, “I have asked for CDs, which highlight the 26/11 issue and show how the media people spoke in front of the camera. I’m learning to be composed and doing the job properly in crisis situations.”

The former Big Boss contestant and Miss Tourism World admits she hasn’t always got it right in her career in the past. “My biggest goof was to expose in women oriented films,” she explains, “This turned out to be a huge drawback for me as I didn’t know the nuances of filmmaking at that time. I didn’t know how these projects would depict me and how would they be eventually marketed. Look at Yash Raj productions. In their films too you find skin show on a regular basis. However, what works in their favour is the fact that these scenes are aesthetically done and they know how to market their films and project their heroines.”

However, more recently, Payal has been choosing her roles with more care and has appeared in fims such as 36 China Town and Corporate. Who would she like to work with in the future? ”Who wouldn’t want to work with people like Sanjay Leela Bhansali, Vishal Bhardwaj, Mahesh & Mukhesh Bhatt and Ram Gopal Varma?” she asks, “They are on my wish list. After all they have created their own genre of film making.”

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