Penelope Cruz to star Opposite Hrithik?

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Here is a hot cast in the making. Reports are that Anurag Basu and Rakesh Roshan are in Los Angeles to meet with Penelope Cruz about starring opposite Hrithik in his next film. The film directed by Basu needs a strong Spanish leading lady and Penelope Cruz would fit that perfectly.

A source close to the project said, “The role requires a very beautiful foreigner. Both Rakesh and his son Hrithik felt that Penelope would fit the bill perfectly. They spoke to Anurag about it, who seconded the idea. Thereafter, Filmkraft (Rakesh Roshan’s company) got in touch with Penelope’s office in LA.”

Filmkraft Executive Producer Shammi confirms they are in talks with the actress saying, “Yes, Rakeshji and Anurag are in Los Angeles and had a meeting with Penelope yesterday. We haven’t signed her yet, though.”

We will be sure to keep you updated on whether this pair of sizzling stars will come together for the film so check back here often!

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