“People of all ages will relate to Life Partner” – Tusshar Kapoor

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Success has no shortcuts, and no one knows the truth of this line better than Tusshar Kapoor. He hails from one of the most prestigious filmi families and despite being born with what some may call ‘the silver spoon’, the young Kapoor had to work harder than most in the industry to prove that he’s got more than just his father’s last name. He has made a mark for himself and proven his talent as an actor in his own right. Rohit Shetty’s Golmaal 1 & 2 were the breakthrough films for Tusshar. His performance set him apart from the crowd, made him an instant favourite amongst the masses and what’s even more amazing is that he didn’t utter a single dialogue in his portrayal of the hilarious yet supremely adorable Lucky. Now once again the young talented star is embracing his comical nature for God Tussi Great Ho director Rumi Jafri’s Life Partner. Produced by the hit director duo of Abbas – Mastan the film promises to be a treat for all ages. Bollyspice caught up with the young Kapoor to discover all that went on behind the scenes of this family comedy. Read on to find out just why Life Partner is the film to watch this Janamashtmi.

What is Life Partner all about?

Well, it’s a film that’s a family entertainer and it’s about three friends and each of them have different views on marriage. How the institution of marriage teaches them so much and takes them through a lot of ups and downs. This has been portrayed in a very, very fun and lighted-hearted manner, which I think people of all ages will relate to because each one of us has been in a relationship or will be in one, so we all will find this film very identifiable.

So what is your role in the film?

I am playing this guy called Bhavesh and he is a Gujrati from South Africa. He’s a very traditional conservative guy who has obeyed his father all his life. He chooses to live that life of a conservative traditional guy in a joint family because he thinks that is the right way to be. That’s the character I’m playing because even though he’s fun loving guy on the outside with his friends, at home he’s his father’s son.

What was it about the role that made you say that ‘yes I have play this guy’?

Um…It’s very unique. It’s a guy who has a lot shades to his character and he kind-of discovers himself as the story moves along. He’s a guy with a lot of different facets to his personality and his personality gets more and more evolved in the movie. So, I though it would be challenging and different and a good experience to do this role.

So are there any similarities between you and Bhavesh?

Towards the second half of the film, yes, there are similarities between me and Bhavesh but I would say I am not a very conservative and traditional person. And I don’t believe in arranged marriage so in that way I don’t think I am very similar with this guy.

How was it working with director Rumi Jafri?

He’s a very calm person. I’ve known him from before but this is my first film with him. He’s very calm person, doesn’t stress and doesn’t scream much on the set. At the same time, he’s very involved with the character, very involved with the performance and the drama in film. He knows his script inside out. So I would say it was very, very good experience.

How was it working with Prachi Desai?

She’s a very talented young girl. I didn’t know her before this film started but in the process of making this movie I realise she’s quite clued in as far as her character is concerned. She understands it and is very hardworking. I don’t know her very well personally but the professional rapport was very good.

How was it working with the rest of the cast, Fardeen, Govinda and Genelia?

I am working with them all for the first time and they’re all quite mad and quite funny. They all three have their own quirks and they are all very, very concerned with the film and its success. So I would say it was a very entertaining experience and it seem like we were working.

How was it to shoot in South Africa?

A beautiful city, Capetown is a beautiful place. I really liked it. I loved the food and it’s one of my favourite cities. It has got great food, great restaurants, great gymnasiums, great scenery, great beaches, a complete package that anybody would want from a city. I would love to go back and shoot another film again.

So did memorable things happen on the sets?

The first thing to my mind is that I celebrated my birthday in Cape Town and the producers Abbas Mustan had organised a party at a nightclub for me. The whole place was booked with the whole unit there and we were eating and drinking. The schedule was half way through but we still had a great time!

Speaking of Abbas Mustan, how was it working for them?

They’re great producers. They don’t interfere at all. They were there on the set every second day. But they were always helping us and they were always guiding us. They never really interfered in the creative aspects. They did a lot as far as production and promotion is concerned.

Coming now to the music, i’s doing really well so what’s your favourite song?

My favourite song is ‘Teri Meri Yeh Zindagi’.

Do you have a favourite scene from the film?

There are so many scenes that I can’t pin point just one! But I like the scene where I am romancing my wife on the phone and my father peeps in and watches me doing that. He catches me and is very upset with that. That kind of embarrasses my character so I remember that scene as being one of my favourites.

A lot of actors say that comedy scenes are harder than dramatic scenes, do you find that to be true?

Not necessarily. If you are doing a character that is very challenging, even if it is comedy, then it is challenging. But if you are playing a character that just requires you to be yourself, even in comedy that can be quite easy.

Since the title of the film is Life Partner, what do you look for in a Life Partner?

I would like someone who’s intelligent, emotional and somebody who has common interests like sports, movies and food. Above all, obviously finding a life partner is not something you can plan. Love is blind. So you don’t know when and how it happens.

What’s coming up for you after Life Partner?

There’s Run Bhola Run which is an out an out slapstick comedy! Then there is Double Jhol for Sagar Bellary, which will be my first double role and then there’s Golmaal 3 which I am starting in February.

Speaking of Golmaal you received great acclaim once again for Golmaal 2 and received the Star Screen award so how did it feel?

It felt great because I had worked really hard for it and it was the second time around I was doing the role. So now I am looking forward to doing it for the 3rd time and working even harder on the 3rd part.

Life Partner is releasing on the same day as Vishal Bhardwaj’s Kaminey does that worry you? But they are opposite genres…

Yeah, they are completely opposite genres. Life Partner is releasing on Krishna Janamashtmi which is such a huge Indian festival. So, I think the family audience would love to watch a film that is such a family film especially on such a big festive occasion.

So what do you think are the three reasons audiences should go see Life Partner?

I think the film deals with marriages, friendships and relationships and anybody who is in a relationship or any kind of marriage would find at least 10 things in the movie that relates to his or her life. So it’s something I think everyone will identify with. It’s a universal thought, a universal film for everyone in the whole family and for all ages.

From the promos Life Partner certainly looks to be a fun light-hearted film and we look forward to seeing Tusshar as Bhavesh. We thank him for taking the time to speak with us! So, get your family and friends together for a film looking to be unmatchable this festive season. Life Partner is coming to a cinema near you this Friday the 14th!

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