Perfectionism in Movies

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What was your first impression when you saw the mansion in Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham, which was supposedly owned by Amitabh Bachchan? Wow, right? Now, let’s get back to our miserly, poor lives and think again. Do these mansions really exist in our lives? We have special expeditions to go see such mansions. The motto of K3G was “It’s all about loving your parents”. Sure, if my parents had that big of a mansion, I would love them too. Shahrukh Khan arrived from the airport in a helicopter. How many of us have even seen a helicopter, much less ridden in one? No, the police helicopters don’t count. We arrive home either by walking home all sweaty or by bus. And, our mom’s do not have telepathic senses telling her that we have arrived. She just tells us to go stuff our faces and get to work. Do you all now see the difference between the lives shown to us by the movies and our real lives?

Was there really a need to show a huge mansion? A big, cozy home should have done the trick. Yes, movies are our refuge from real lives, but would a little reality hurt?
Realistic movies touch our hearts, and make us relate to situations, which happen in real lives. These movies could be depressing, but our lives are not happy and dandy. Fake, perfect movies are entertaining and relaxing to an extent, but after a while they start to irritate you. It is ridiculous when directors shoot in New Zealand and show it as “Sundar Nagar” (MPKDH) in India. Sundar Nagar has to be the most beautiful place on Earth where surprisingly nobody lives there except the main characters’ family? They also have the most amazing dog and the parrot in the world. Stretching it a bit? I think so. They actually believe we will fall for that? And sadly, many people do fall for that. Times like those, I thank God for the little brain he saved for me to use.

Furthermore, movies like Ta Ra Rum Pum just make me want to tear my hair off. That movie, in my opinion, was worse than Aishwarya’s giggling! The first scene repelled me! Everyone is chanting Saif’s name over and over. Isn’t it weird, nobody liked the other racers? Poor racers. I wouldn’t mind supreme popularity either; sadly I have no such luck. They went from perfect power and wealth, to perfect poverty. Poor Saif and Rani didn’t even have enough money to eat. Bullshit! Food is so cheap here. For god’s sakes, you get four Kit Kat’s for one dollar! Sure, they could fool the Indian audience. But, how could they think they could actually fool Indians living abroad? The children in the family were the most helpful, perfect kids ever. When I was a kid, I just cared about chocolates, toys and myself. The kids had such manners and such powerful dialogues that stirred up our hearts and made us cry. The only time I made some older people cry when I was a kid and told fart jokes on a train to complete strangers. Whenever somebody tells me that they were so moved by the movie because it was so realistic, I burst out laughing.

Movies can be entertaining and realistic at the same time. For example, Dil Chahta Hai. DCH absorbed the realities of the world, and showed it in a fresh way. Even though, we might have not been like the main characters, but it somehow touched us. We could sympathize with those characters and feel what they were feeling. Whether it be hanging out in a club or missing the person you love, we could relate to the situations. It made us one of the characters, which we couldn’t have achieved if we tried to be Poo in K3G. We all can dream, but some dreams are too far-fetched.

All in all, people in real lives do not want to watch fake movies. They want to watch movies that affect their lives in a little. Maybe, have an answer to their problems in a way. People would appreciate movies more that way. We all need a little time off from our real lives at a time, but totally fake movies are just ridiculous. The fake perfection is fun to watch at times, but it loses its luster after you realize things like that would never happen to you in your life. Realistic films will only help in capturing an audience, as they will be able to relate to the films. It would definitely be the right thing to do. So, what’s the perfect recipe for a perfect movie? Understandable dialogues (nobody wants to repeat Vivah again), a little fun, beautiful believable locations and a sprinkle of reality.

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