PETA & Joker join hands!

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Yes, your eyes aren’t deceiving you! PETA and Joker have joined together to raise awareness of cosmetic testing on animals with their tagline What If Aliens Tested on Humans?

The actress Chitrangda Singh (who previously starred in Desi Boyz with Akshay Kumar, John Abraham and Deepika Padukone) had this to say about her involvement with the well-established PETA, “I know a lot of celebrities have in the past and are still supporting PETA and I always used to think how much do you really achieve – you have a press meet and a photo-shoot is conducted -but I think the most important thing is awareness!”

About the upcoming film, Joker (which is starred and produced by Akshay Kumar’s production house, Hari Om Entertainment) Kumar states, “Well, it’s an intelligent script which is created to make the audience step out of the norm and lose themselves in the world of mysteries and lies. However that’s only if their minds can allow them to do so. It’s a humble rural sci-fi which is full of madness, jokes, love & adventure.”

See the promotional image below which depicts Chitrangda Singh and watch what she has to say about her involvement with PETA India below!

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