Piaa Ecstatic About Goa

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Bubbly newbie actress Piaa Bajpai, who has natural Kangana-curly locks, is ecstatic over the success of Goa, a joyous romantic comedy starring Jai which takes place amidst the tourist hotspots, casinos, beaches and bars of the beach resort. The movie also features Australian model Melanie Marie in a pivotal role. “My dreams are turning into reality,” Piaa says, “I always wanted to be an actress right from young age but in Ittawa, a small town in Uttar Pradesh, where I grew up, movie actresses were frowned upon. Balaji serials were very popular in our village, however, and my mother was a big fan so I lied to my parents that I was selected to act in one of them, and that’s how I moved to Mumbai.”

On the strength of Goa, Piaa has been signed up for KV Anand’s new movie Ko – clearly Piaa is aiming for movies with a declining number of letters – I predict her next movie will be called X. Ko, meanwhile, stars hot youngsters Jiiva and Karthika.

Piaa, not much more than a fresh face herself, recently acted as the judge for the Chennai Times Fresh Face 2010 competition held at Bharat University. She had a difficult time selecting the winners, whom she described as ’a talented lot’. In the end, she went for Sai Santosh amongst the men for his classical dance routine and Renu Mishra amongst the women for her impressive dance feature.

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